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Since 2020, the world has experienced a significant shift in how people view shopping, products, and everything in our consumer-driven society. Some businesses have failed while others have adapted and thrived, and some, like Spots On The FOX, have proven to be ahead of the curve and able to forge ahead in this changing economic landscape by providing today’s customers with what they want and need.

Digital First, Stores Second

According to a recent Accenture article, today’s commercial climate reveals that digital shopping comes first, and brick-and-mortar stores are second. In the past two years alone, online shopping went from one option to a necessity and now to being almost second nature. This isn’t saying in-store shopping is gone, but having an online presence is now an essential piece of the business puzzle. 

The creators of Spots On The Fox saw this trend and need coming and capitalized on bringing this factor of online convenience to local customers who still want to support their hometown businesses and economy.

Social Support

Social media for business and advertising has been booming for a while, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But in 2022, it is more than just having a presence on the popular social media platforms. The emerging idea is “social commerce”—bringing businesses together to promote each other and share customers and efforts so everyone wins. 

Spots On The Fox is proving this true and powerful as it helps small businesses network and share resources while linking established customers to new opportunities for supporting other local entrepreneurs. 

Customer Focus

While recently many companies have had to reimagine their entire business through the lens of customer experience, Spots On The FOX has that focus at its core. This includes:

  • Investing time in understanding customers’ everchanging mindsets by listening to their needs, wants, and opinions and using those to deliver the best possible platform.
  • Structuring the company to create experiences that capture customers’ evolving interests. Behind the scenes, Spots On The FOX constantly develops new ways to engage with its vendors and customers.
  • Always evolving the business model. Spots On The FOX does this intentionally on several fronts, one of which is that its model was designed to thrive in a pandemic yet will live well beyond it without sacrificing profitable growth and reach.

Knowing What Customers REALLY Want

This is always a notable trend, but what customers want has changed rapidly and drastically in recent years. Again, Spots On The FOX hits all the marks of what today’s customers really want.

  • Ease and Convenience—Customers want businesses to meet them where they are—whether in the digital, physical, or hybrid world—and be able to deliver what they need when they need it.
  • Service and Personal Care—Customers want to know their business is personal and important, and they want to feel that through intimate service and personal attention.
  • Health and Safety—Customers want to know that businesses are interested in keeping them and their neighbors safe. 
  • Product Origin—Customers want to know product origin, environmental impact, and a company’s social responsibility. They’re asking questions like “Can you help me make sustainable choices?” and “Can you help me support my local community?”
  • Trust and Reputation—Customers want to know if a company will do what’s right for them and not just for their bottom line. They also want the confidence of trusting a business to be who they claim to be.

Top Trending Craft Buys

Trends for 2022 also indicate what people are buying, and Spots On The FOX readily can meet those needs. Check out some of the top trending craft categories this year and how Spots On The Fox can deliver on them.


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