Introducing Spots Junior!

Introducing Spots Junior!

All youth have potential—incredible potential to learn, create, innovate, and turn their dreams into reality. Harnessing that potential requires encouragement as well as opportunity. Imagine a world in which teens who have the ideas, creativity, and drive to make their mark on the world also have a platform on which to begin their journey while...


Sharing is Daring

Beyond being a convenient site for buying and selling local goods, Spots On The FOX has become a thriving online community of vendors and customers who embrace the power of sharing with and supporting their neighbors. The simple fact that you’re engaging with Spots On The FOX means you want to be part of this community and the impact it can have in...


Spots On The FOX Poised Ahead of the Trends

Since 2020, the world has experienced a significant shift in how people view shopping, products, and everything in our consumer-driven society. Some businesses have failed while others have adapted and thrived, and some, like Spots On The FOX, have proven to be ahead of the curve and able to forge ahead in this changing economic landscape by providing...


Have You Met the Tredreas?

Spots On The FOX is rapidly becoming known throughout the Fox Valley area (and beyond) for its convenience and ability to support local business and customers alike. But how much do you know about its founders?  Personally, I’ve known Kiel and Ana Tredrea for years, and I believe there’s no better couple to spearhead this company with its...


Our Story

#TeamTredrea Kiel, Milo, Owen & Ana The spark that ignited our vision for Spots On The FOX began in early 2020, during the pandemic and various shutdowns. As small business owners, we saw an opportunity to create something great for the community & to help support small business. With Ana being a type 1 diabetic and...


How It All Started

#TeamTredrea Ana, Owen, Kiel & Milo Spots On The FOX is a local-only online marketplace, powered by our surrounding communities along the Fox River, in an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times. Find new customers, drive more sales, continue to thrive & be a part of something great. Spots on the Fox was an...

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About the Author ~ Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Victoria Hyla Maldonado has been writing all her life and has worked professionally as a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She is the author of the substantive women’s fiction Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (Victoria J. Hyla) as well as several anthology-published short stories. She also is the author of several children’s books. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children and is working on a new romance trilogy as well as several other short stories and more children’s books.

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