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Amber Stones
Instagram: amberxstones Facebook: amberxstones I've been painting dot mandala patterns for 4 years now. I think it's about time I shared my work. I find hand-painting unique patterns on stones that have been naturally shaped over time makes them all the more special. I paint on canvasses and other relatively flat and smooth surfaces, but there's nothing like a natural stone from the outdoors. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do. Dot your way over and check it out!
Blackbear Designs
Hand Turned Pens, Wooden Keychains & More!
Bracelets and Beyond
I am Camila and I have been making jewelry since I was 7. I have done the New Makers Market two times and I absolutely love being able to share a product I have put so much effort and love into. This something I am very passionate about and it helps me express my creativity and my love for art. In my store you can find handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so much more!
Spots Initiatives
Spots Initiatives is a national network of online storefronts created in an effort to support small businesses in our local communities. Launch your own local online marketplace & create a powerful economic engine for your community! Learn more:  https://spotsinitiatives.com/launch
Treats By William
Hi! My name is William and I am Autistic! I LOVE animals so much that everyone calls me the dog whisperer! My mom and I created homemade, human grade, nutritious , preservative free dog and cat treats while advocating for Autism and healthy eating for everyone. Music, dancing, singing and having fun are not uncommon in our workspaces! We started our treat business over a year ago just for me to learn life and job skills with love and positivity and work on my fine motor skills while learning to take direction. This past Spring, after she retired from 30 years of dog grooming, we made it a full time goal! She started out by wanting to teach just me and now we are also training other special needs individuals in schools those skills as well!! We hope to send our special abilities friends into the world of independence ! No fur baby has ever turned their discerning noses from our delectable delicacies ! U R ENUFF !! Enjoy!