Introducing Spots Junior!

Introducing Spots Junior!

All youth have potential—incredible potential to learn, create, innovate, and turn their dreams into reality. Harnessing that potential requires encouragement as well as opportunity. Imagine a world in which teens who have the ideas, creativity, and drive to make their mark on the world also have a platform on which to begin their journey while they are still young. 

Welcome to Spots Junior. 

What Is Spots Junior?

Spots Junior is a brand-new program available to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 13–18 (with hopeful plans of expanding to a younger audience in the future). Spots Junior extends the convenience and versatility of the Spots On The FOX platform to teens so they can begin (or expand) their own businesses and sell their creations in a safe and secure environment at a reduced monthly cost.

Why Create Spots Junior?

The idea behind Spots Junior came from the desire to nurture and support the vibrant spirit of young entrepreneurship. When teenagers’ passion, ambition, and innovation are encouraged and allowed to thrive, these young people can blossom. With Spots Junior, they gain knowledge, opportunities, and experience that can help them achieve their dreams of doing what they love every day and possibly turning that into a real business.

The up-and-coming generation has so much technology and information at their fingertips, but it can be overwhelming when not focused in a productive way. Spots Junior is aimed at providing a structure and platform for young people who know what they want to do and have the gumption to see it through.

How Do You Know it’s a Spots Junior Storefront?

Each storefront is marked clearly with the yellow Spots Junior logo, so customers know who they are supporting. Significant to note, during the launch of Spots Junior, owners of Spots Junior accounts must live in the Fox Valley area and its surrounding communities, but plans are coming soon to expand this program nationwide.

Is it Safe and Secure?

Spots is working hard to ensure that this continues to be a safe and secure platform. It’s important that all parties—young entrepreneurs, their parents, and our shoppers—are protected and supported every step of the way.

How Much Do Parents Get Involved?

We encourage parents to be involved as much as possible! A parent or legal guardian is the owner of the Spots Junior account in its entirety and oversees its initial set-up, but the teen can take ownership of much of the hands-on workings of the storefront. Ultimately, this can provide an excellent teachable moment to instill responsibility, business skills, and ownership while providing invaluable experience for the young entrepreneur.

What Can Spots Junior Vendors Sell?

The possibilities are much the same as standard Spots On The FOX Vendors! The site is typically used by small artisans (e.g., artists, crafters, bakers, farmers, authors) and service providers, but any business that a young entrepreneurs can dream is a possibility. Feel free to ask us more.

Why Should My Teen Join Spots Junior?

Being a business owner isn’t something explicitly taught in schools. While not all young people will want to start their own business, parents often can see this potential, and Spots Junior is the perfect place to mentor their growth. It is a real-world online storefront and community with the necessary securities in place that offers the potential to make real money.

Plus, the business and life experience of being involved with Spots Junior will be great for college applications and resumes, thereby opening a multitude of opportunities for this next generation later in life.

Contact Us Today

Parents, talk to your teens about their interest in starting their own small business. Teens, talk to your parents about this opportunity to help your dreams thrive. Then contact Spots Junior to learn more about how the dream of young entrepreneurship can start today. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Spots On The Fox could not be doing this without the generous support of several community partners who share the dream of supporting young, budding entrepreneurs. At present, these include WESOS (Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success), Platinum Converting, Tech Direct 2 U LLC, New Makers Market, Moms4Moms Vendor Events, and Jeanne Gorey.

Contact Spots On The Fox today if you are interested in becoming a valued sponsor.


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